Boat Insurance

If you can't find a reason to feel happy about your boat insurance, maybe you need to talk to Jess Akin Insurance. We may not only have the best rate, but we can offer you coverage that makes solid financial sense and saves you money when you have a claim. Our customers tell us they selected Jess Akin Insurance for several reasons...

We have a rates for most boats and personal watercraft.

Watercraft we insure.

Runabout Boat

A boat usually for day use which is powered by motor and is used for recreational boating, fishing and water-skiing. The hull design is usually a vee or semi-vee.

Runabouts are typically referred to as open bow or cuddy cabins. Open bows allow for seating in the bow portion of the boat. Cuddy cabins have an enclosed cabin, typically with small sleeping quarters.

Mini-Jet Boat

Jet propelled boat usually less than 18 feet in length with a rider capacity of 4 to 7 persons.


A boat which utilizes at least one sail for power. Sailboats may also have a motor which is used as additional power source.


A boat built on pontoons with a flat surface to walk and sit on. These tend to be flat bottomed and are designed for slow movement in the water.

House Boat

A boat that looks like a house over a floating base. These tend to be flat bottomed and designed for slow movement in the water.

Houseboats are equipped with kitchen and sleeping facilities and often appear like a box on the water due to their design. Jess Akin Insurance does not accept houseboats as a primary residence.

Cabin Cruiser

A boat with a cabin. Normally, it is either a deep vee or a displacement hull (moves water aside in lieu of cutting through the water). It may be equipped with just a v-berth or may include several berths.

To be classified as a true cabin cruiser, the boat must include a bathroom & galley. Be careful not confuse a cabin cruiser with a cuddy cabin. A cabin cruiser is typically much larger, 27 feet and above.

Bass Boat

A boat designed for fishing. Normally a low profile boat, which may be equipped with special seats which are designed for optimum fishing. It may also include rod holders, an aerated bait holder, a fish cleaning station, or built in tackle boxes.

Fishing Boats, other than Bass

Boats designed for the primary purpose of fishing. This may include sport fishing boats and center console boats.

Personal Watercraft

Water jet-pump-driven boats which are generally less than 13 feet in length (Jetskis and Waverunners).

Personal watercraft (PWC) come in many sizes and can now easily accommodate four people. In addition, many personal watercrafts can pull a skier.

Flexible Payment Plans

We offer many ways to pay your premium, including low down payments plans and monthly electronic funds transfer (EFT) from your checking account.

Coverage Available

We offer a variety of coverage's to meet your needs. From an economical actual cash value coverage to a hassle-free agreed value coverage. The choice is yours. Available Coverage's.

Liability Bodily Injury and Property Damage

Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability Coverage covers your legal liability for an accident where there is damage or injury for someone else up to the limit of liability you select. Your insurance company pays for the cost to replace or repair damaged property, the medical bills and wage loss incurred by an injured person, and other damages you are legally obligated to pay as result of an accident. Jess akin Insurance offers BIPD limit options up to $500 Combined Single Limit (CSL).

Explanation of limits of coverage:

  • $15-person, means no more than $15,000 would be paid per person for Bodily Injury
  • Max $30-accident, means no more than $30,000 would be paid per accident for Bodily Injury
  • PD $10-accident, means no more than $10,000 would be paid per accident for Property Damage

Uninsured Boater Coverage (Optional)

Uninsured Boater Bodily Injury Coverage pays for medical treatment, wage loss, and other damages you would have received from the other person's insurance company, had they been insured.

Medical Payments Coverage

Medical Payments Coverage covers the cost of necessary medical care provided to you as a result of a boating accident and applies no matter who is at fault. The coverage covers persons in your boat, named policy holder for personal watercraft, and will pay for injuries caused while water-skiing or tubing. In some states, this coverage only applies after other medical insurance is exhausted.

Comprehensive and Collision

Comprehensive and Collision Coverage covers the cost to repair or replace your watercraft if it is stolen or damaged in an accident, no matter who is at fault. You share in this cost by paying a deductible. Under Collision Coverage, Jess Akin Insurance pays for damage caused when you collide with another vehicle or object. Under Comprehensive Coverage, Jess Akin Insurance pays for damage caused by an event other than collision, such as fire, theft, or vandalism.

Comprehensive and collision coverage means more at Jess Akin Insurance. More choice. More service. More convenience.

Three ways to insure your boat.

For great savings on your premium, select our base policy (Actual Cash Value), which pays the market value at the time of a loss. Or choose Agreed Value and in the event of a total loss, we'll pay you the value you selected at the start of the policy, regardless of the current market value. Or, for new boats, choose Total Loss Replacement Cost. Then, if your boat is declared a total loss within the first five model years, we'll replace it with the newest model.

And replacement Cost for Personal Effects Coverage.

Agreed Value

In the event of a covered total loss, Jess Akin Insurance will pay the rating base on the policy (no deduction for depreciation and no deductible).

Coverage is available on all boats. For boats 2 years old or less, the sales receipt will serve as the rating base. If you do not have a sales receipt, you may determine the rating base by looking at a BUC or ABOS guide.

For boats older than 2 years old, a written professional Marine Survey completed by an accredited Marine Surveyor will establish the rating base.

Total Loss Replacement

Replaces total losses with the latest model (new for old!) or, if not available, a comparable model.

Available on new boats purchased within the preceding 13 months. Total Loss Replacement coverage requires a sales receipt. The sales receipt will serve as the rating base. If you do not have a sales receipt, the rating base may be determined by looking at a BUC or ABOS guide.

Once the coverage is purchased, it can remain in place through the 10th model year. For boats that at the time of a total loss are 5 models years old or less, Jess Akin Insurance will replace the boat with the latest model, or if not available, a comparable model. For boats that at the time of total loss are older than 5 model years, Jess Akin Insurance will pay the lower of the rating base or purchase price.

Replacement Cost for Personal Effects Coverage

Pays up to the specified replacement cost limits for loss of, or damage to, your watercraft's contents that are normally used in conjunction with the boat ($100 deductible for theft applies). This coverage is in excess of any other applicable coverable.

Examples of personal effects:

  • Fishing equipment (maximum limit $300)
  • Clothes
  • Radio, compact disk
  • Camera, binoculars
  • Dishes, silverware, pots, pans, cups
  • Personal computers, cellular phones

Personal effects does not include permanent and portable boating equipment, which should be included in the overall value of the watercraft.

On-Water Towing and Labor Coverage Service

This pays for towing and labor costs up to $1000 per occurrence. The labor coverage applies when it is performed at the time and place of the disablement, while the watercraft is in the water. This is a reimbursement coverage.

Roadside Assistance

Included! - Only with Jess akin Insurance! With all full-coverage policies with trailers, if your are towing your boat and your vehicle or boat trailer breaks down, we'll pay for the tow and any necessary labor charges. All you do is sign-and-drive - no out-of-pocket costs.

Pays for towing to the nearest qualified repair facility and necessary labor at the place of disablement when the towing vehicle or boat trailer is disabled due to the following:

  • mechanical or electrical breakdown
  • dead battery
  • flat tire
  • lock-out
  • insufficient supply of fuel, oil, water or other fluids
  • entrapment in snow, mud, water or sand within 100 feet of the roadway

Immediate "Sign & Drive" roadside assistance can be obtained 24 hours a day any day of the week from anywhere in the US or Canada.

Service with your Coverage

We're famous for our service and for the convenience and flexibility we offer our customers. See some of our Coverage Services.

Coverage Services

Below are some of the extra services that are included in with your Watercraft policy.

  • Roadside Assistance. Sign and drive. No out-of-pocket costs. This provides towing and labor at the place of disablement when the towing vehicle or boat trailer is disabled. The coverage is included in all full coverage policies for trailer able boats.
  • Immediate Response claims service. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Once we're notified of an accident or other claim, we'll promptly come see you - you won't have to waste your valuable time chasing us.
  • Hassle-free Customer Service. You can call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for customer service. We'll answer any billing or other questions you may have and can make any changes to your policy right over the phone.